Personnel and Payroll System

This software has been developed to provide comprehensive software solution for Human Resource department, Payroll, Provisions and Job Costing. It can be customized to suit the needs of the concern. This insists on standardizing the workflow and various activities in the organization. This will manage your payroll productivity with many reports.

  • Human Resources, Payroll, Provisions and Job Costing
  • Multiple Company
  • Developed as per the Local Labor Law
  • Employee & dependants Passport, Resident Permit, CPR, Expiry Details
  • Visa Requirements - Weekly
  • Employee Agreement Details
  • Tracks history for an Employee such as Designation, Permission, Medical Leave, Annual Leave and etc.,
  • Easy Configuration of Deductions such as Loans, Social Insurance, Telephone and etc.,
  • Automatic Monthly Calculation of Provision such as Social Insurance, Leave Salary, Air Passage, Indemnity.
  • Hourly / Monthly Salary Generation
  • Automatic Generation of Pay Slip
  • Interfacing with Various banking solutions for payroll Transfer
  • Easy Process of Employee Leave and Final Settlement
  • Optional interface to Time and Attendance
  • Daily Attendance Entry With Job Code Allocation and Daily Allowance
  • Monthly Attendance Entry With Job Code Allocation and Daily Allowance
  • High Level Security

Reports : All reports Filtered by Department / Job Code

  • Attendance Entry Report with Job code / With out Job Code - Daily / Monthly.
  • Leave / Permission / Holiday Report
  • Employee Agreement Report
  • Employee & dependants Passport, Resident Permit, CPR Expiry
  • Resigned, Terminate, Run Away Employee Details.
  • Hourly Basis Employee Details
  • Employee Salary Details
  • Employee Full History Report
  • Employee Bank Account Details
  • Hourly / Monthly Basis Salary Details - Cash / Bank
  • Deduction, Allowance Details
  • Consolidate Salary Details
  • Loan History, Loan Balance Details
  • Pay slip
  • Bank Transfer in Text format
  • Provision Report such as Social Insurance, Leave Salary, Air Passage, Indemnity.

Access Control, Time and Attendance System

  • Optional interface with Time and Attendance Machine.
  • Multiple Companies.
  • Tracks history for an Employee such as Designation, Permission, Medical Leave, Absent and etc.,
  • Daily Attendance Details
  • Late in and Early Out Details
  • Employee Present Details
  • Manual Punch
  • High Level Security


  • Punch Time Report
  • Total Hours / OT Hours Details Report
  • Attendance Entry Report Daily / Monthly
  • Leave / Permission / Holiday Report
  • Resigned, Terminate, Run Away Employee Details
  • Late in / Early Out Report
  • Muster Report
  • Manual Punch Report
  • Employee Strength Report
  • Basic HR Details of Employee

Hospital Management System

A-Version A: Which is a normal software which include limited features like patient check in, patient history records, inventory for few medical items, limited users, name of the doctors working in the clinic plus few more (Small clinic software).

B-Version B: This software is bigger in size than version A with more features which is good for Hospitals which include out patient, radiology dept and many others.

Hesab Mate

A two systems in one, full Inventory system and full account system integrated. Works as one effcient software system with many and the most required features needed by customer.

Garage Mate

A three systems in one, full inventory system, full account system and garage process system (means when the car gets in, a job card is opened for it and the work done on which icludes labor charge as well as parts used on it and the three systems are integrated together as one soft ware with limitless and endless features). You get to try it to know it. It is the first ever system in the world.

An Eductional Institution Management

This is an advanced reliable Online Educational Institution Management. This offers better interaction between students, parents, teachers & management. This provides exclusive access for different logins. This Educational Institution Management fits for Schools, Degree/Professional Colleges, Coaching/Other Institutes. It is seamlessly scalable, error free, easy to use.

Property Management System

Property Management Solutions Provides the following features includes

  • Building and Unit Property Details
  • Maintenance of tenants Details
  • Maintenance and Complaints Management
  • Basic Accounting Details
  • Inventory Control
  • Details of Income and Expenses
  • Variance Analysis
  • Reports - MIS


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  • E-Commerce solutions
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